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How do I know what solution is right for me?

Follow these steps to determine what solution or combination of solutions will get you, your team or your organization the best results.


Schedule a free Discovery Call. 

Find a time that works for you with our easy scheduling tool. 


Prepare a list.

Think through your biggest pain points, your goals, what success looks like, any budget needs, etc.  


Be candid.

Kate's approach will put you at ease as you share your thoughts and struggles. She will provide additional context and resources for you to consider as you plan your next steps. 



Search for other resources that might meet your needs. We strive to provide exceptional quality and value for our clients and we hope you choose BrightPoint!

How do I know if you can help with my needs?

We've listed some common problems and solutions below. If any of these issues sound familiar your you, your teams, or your organization, schedule a free discovery call and explore custom solutions that get fast results!
The Problem
  • I'm succeeding at work and want to maintain momentum or build a competitive edge.

  • I have a behavior or barrier that is hurting my career.

  • I think I want the promotion/new role, but something is holding me back.

  • I am considering a career transition.

  • I just transitioned to a new role/organization and want to get up and running fast.

  • I feel stuck, burned out, or unsure of how I got here and why my work matters.

  • My inner critic is in overdrive.

  • I want better work/life balance or integration.

  • I want to develop for the next level of leadership.

  • My team needs to develop communication skills.

  • I want a 360.

The Problem

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Working with a BrightPoint coach can support you or your team in building self-awareness, confidence, and resilience as you gain clarity, overcome barriers to advancement, and accelerate professional goals. 
BrightPoint coaches work with clients to create a safe space for powerful self-discovery and change, and our 5-step approach ensures you get results:


1. DISCOVER: During an introductory call, we listen and ask questions to uncover surface and underlying needs. We will then present a tiered set of options based on our research, experience, and your budget.

2. ​AGREE: The coach and coachee agree to a plan, their roles in the process, what success looks like, and the cadence and schedule they will follow.

3. EXECUTE: The coach and coachee work the plan, report on progress, measure results, and celebrate successes.

​4. REFLECT: When the plan comes to a close, we will discuss the final results and present options for continued development if needed.

The Solution
The Solution:  A BrightPoint Coach
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The Problem
  • Our organization needs a Culture shift/evolution.

  • We are going through a merger/acquisition and need to blend cultures and manage change.

  • We are going through a technology transformation and need effective communication, training, and change management plans.

  • We have a large-scale change coming and want to ensure our teams remain connected and productive.

  • We are growing fast and need help scaling our business or refreshing our strategic plan.

  • Our team needs to re-align our strategy to the new corporate strategy.

  • We need help in unifying and aligning our HR teams, processes, technology, etc.

  • We are struggling with role clarity and department structure post-pandemic.

  • We need a clear view of our leadership pipeline, critical roles, and risk.

The Problem

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The Solution

Partner with Kate and BrightPoint consultants to resolve you toughest challenges, expedite your results, and reach your organizational goals.


  • We take a time to carefully understand your unique situation, culture, and desired results.

  • We consider your budget and schedule while designing options for comprehensive and holistic solutions.  

  • Once an option is selected, we move swiftly without compromising quality to ensure you have a series of meaningful tools and plans to drive business results. 


Schedule a discovery call today to experience the service and expertise that sets BrightPoint apart! 

The Solution:
BrightPoint Consulting
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The Problem
  • We have a new leadership team and need to build trust fast.

  • A leadership role/level in our organization is struggling with a particular leadership behavior or change.

  • We want to develop our leaders.

  • We are losing great leaders and need to retain our top talent.

  • We have an upcoming leadership conference, retreat, off-site and want it to be a valuable experience.

  • We need to refresh our leadership development content and offerings.

  • Our leadership teams need help working through dysfunction or habits that interfere with effectiveness.

  • We have turnover numbers, engagement data, and other metrics that indicate we need leadership development.

The Problem

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The Solution

At BrightPoint, we take theory off the page and into the real demands and culture of your organization.
With a deeply customized plan and content, we bring the latest research to life, support leaders in shifting to meet the new demands of our time, and leverage coaching and facilitation skills to engage leaders in meaningful conversations on the topics they need most. 

We have over 26 years of experience in research, instructional design, adult learning, and delivery of leadership development programs. We have also served as leaders ourselves and relate authentically to leaders at every level. 


The Solution:
Leadership Development with BrightPoint

What does this cost?

We strive to be an exceptional value to our clients! Because we fully customize solutions, we are able to design an approach to fit your budget.

Looking for training? Our affordable courses are within your reach with some starting as low as $750!
Additionally, we offer a sliding scale for self-pay coaching clients.

Schedule a call today and we will explore how to best meet your objectives while staying within your budget and time requirements.

What do your previous clients say about your work?

We are proud to share testimonials from our clients! 
"Kate stepped in as an acting CHRO for our organization at a very integral time and helped us to restructure our HR team, processes and technology while she supported and developed many of our leaders. We only wish she would have accepted the role permanently!" 

Sandra C, COO

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We look forward to discussing your needs and exploring options to help you, your team, or your organization THRIVE!

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