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We Help Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Make the move to elevate your business, lead with purpose, and shine in your career! 

A unique combination of broad and deep skills:

Over 20 years of successful leadership, facilitation, program development, consulting, and coaching experience. A depth in Talent and Human Resource strategy, and the unique challenges in Healthcare, Cyber Security/Tech, Financial services, Union environments, and mission driven businesses.

A truly custom experience with measurable and long-lasting results:

Numerous Client testimonials, and organization-specific metrics prove our approach makes a meaningful impact. 

A focus on building healthy and meaningful relationships:

Excellent deliverables are not enough.  Truly listening, building relationships, and providing outstanding service are core to our values.

Competitive and flexible pricing models:

We scale solutions to fit your budget in addition to your needs. Small or large, non-profit or corporate, self-pay or company supported, we support you wherever you are.

Why Work with Us?

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Our Clients Say

"Kate is a compassionate, astute, and committed coach. She brings a tremendous amount of HR experience to her work and offers a perfect balance between support and challenge. Kate is a gem and I would (and have!) highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an organizational partnership or executive coaching."

Katie Slattery- Healthcare Executive

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When I decided to consult and coach, I thought a lot about what I had experienced as an executive working with many different consulting firms. They often had complex models and lengthy proposals that felt generic. I recall having to sort through them, ask lots of questions to see how they might be able to really support our needs, and spend more time than I had to digest and translate their models, packages, and materials. With that experience, I knew simple, straightforward, and clear value would be at the core of BrightPoint Coaching & Consulting. The BrightPoint name would be supported by our model: Explore. Transform. Shine!

What exactly do I mean when I mention BrightPoints?

My philosophy and tools are grounded in psychology and strengths-based development, so we work together to find meaningful and realistic solutions. The ebb and flow, yin and yang, good and bad in life are always present, so the idea that every day, every meeting at work, or every moment with family will feel perfect is highly unrealistic. What separates great leaders from the masses is their ability to create more BrightPoints than others. BrightPoints are periods of innovation, financial gains, employee engagement, or any other area of impact that inspires others and moves organizations, people, and communities forward. BrightPoints can also include small wins like an epic presentation, getting approval after long hours of influence, finding a new process or solution, or supporting a person having a tough day.


Exploring your strengths and needs, transforming your behaviors, mindset or approach, and shining through authentic leadership will ensure you find and leverage more of your BrighPoints.

Our Happy Clients

We are grateful to all of our wonderful clients and are looking forward to meeting you and your team!
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