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Businesses are not only refreshing strategy, but they are also profoundly shifting their priorities, and changing culture. Facilitated strategic planning support ensures your best plans and initiatives are explored, expanded, and agreed upon by the team to ensure flawless execution.

At BrightPoint, we partner closely with senior leaders and board members to articulate, build, and align strategy across business functions. In addition to research-based methods and models, we structure the strategy building process to meet the specific needs of your organization. We also bring in the latest research and findings for your industry to aid you in staying ahead of the fast changes in our world today.

Our unique approach builds momentum and team synergies while keeping things simple during the strategic planning process. You will walk away with a clear strategy, actionable next steps, and initiatives that will bring both positive change and lasting bottom-line results.

“Kate has a gift! From beginning to end, the strategy work we did with Kate not only resulted in amazing outcomes for our company, but it was one of the best overall experiences I’ve had as a leader.”

Lisa R, COO

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