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Training & Speaking

Our deep customization and alignment to your unique business needs sets BrightPoint apart among other training options. We believe application is more important than theory, so there is a heavy emphasis on knowledge sharing and practice in our training. We often leverage our coaching experience for an even more significant impact. An internal report from the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.

In addition to training courses, BrightPoint can offer professional speaking engagements on a variety of topics. The credible but approachable style of our speakers draws audiences in and opens their minds to discovery. We support organizations implementing large changes, celebrating powerful wins, or introducing something new and different with our presentations. As always, we align our content to ensure we deliver in a way that propels your agenda forward.
We have experienced amazing results in many formats including:

• Offsite retreats
• Online cohort programs
• Forums and meetings
• Lunch and Learns
• Formal classroom workshops
• Special groups (role-based, women in tech, etc.)
• Micro-content
• Leadership summits
• Learning conferences
• Strategic roadshows

“Kate is an amazing speaker! She supported our conference with such energy and style and engaged over 340 team members. She was so compelling, I found myself referencing her talk during the rest of the week's events.”

Natalie B, CHRO

“This training was the best. I learned a lot and have already used some of the tools in my job. I had fun and look forward to taking another one of your trainings.”

Alex K, Customer Service Rep

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