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An online search will reveal thousands of books, programs, complex frameworks, and more, so it should be easy for organizations to get the help they need and reap real rewards for their investment in programs. Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

Over 60 billion dollars is spent annually on leadership development, yet many organizations have trouble in seeing the return on investment. The “one-size-fits-all” programs and tools available fail to understand the context and culture in organizations and “customized" programs often arrive with an organization's logo and mission statement on the slides and not much more.

At BrightPoint, we take theory off the page and into the real demands and culture of your organization. We bring the latest research to life, support leaders in shifting to meet the new demands of our time, and leverage coaching and facilitation skills to engage leaders in meaningful conversations on the topics they need most. We have over 26 years of experience in research, design and delivery of leadership development programs and have served as leaders ourselves. The BrightPoint approach focuses on practical application and on-the-job experiences to foster real skill building and behavior change. We also help organizations navigate available resources and custom-design broader learning strategies that deliver results.

“I've built connections, learned so much, and pulled more actionable strategies from this leadership development program than I have in any other."

Susan J, Director

"I've had several leadership courses in my career, but yours is a stand-out. It was interesting and incredibly helpful to discuss leadership concepts in terms of what would work best in THIS organization- what a fresh take. Thanks”

Victor W, VP

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