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Professional Facilitation

Bringing departments together, establishing project teams, identifying process improvement, debriefing survey data, strategic planning, executive or board committees, and other key group decision points in business can benefit from an external professional facilitator. Taking a diy approach to these important meetings can be tough and may result in common pitfalls including:

• Long or off-topic debates

• One or more people "dominating" the conversation

• Leading with bias and agendas

• Redundancy in efforts

• Analysis paralysis

• Missing a key aspect or data point

• Making the same safe decision

• Repeatedly getting "off-track"

BrightPoint supports teams and groups with a non-biased and measured approach. We work with clients to plan and conduct sessions to achieve the outcomes they need and want most. When the facilitated sessions are concluded, we also synthesize the data gathered and create materials clients can begin to use immediately.

"I did not think we needed an outside facilitator, but I am certainly glad we moved forward with Kate. Our strategic planning this year not only resulted in a clear path forward, but we also gained some new perspective and connected more as a senior team"

Terri F, CIO

“I wish I could duplicate the steps, the style, and the facilitation. Kate not only helped us form a fantastic HR Strategy quickly, but she also strengthened our team, our trust, and energized us all to move forward together--- a truly special experience with amazing results.”

Tonia B, SVP of Human Resources

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